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The Mothers' Studio is a creative community that provides workshops for mothers of all ages and stages. Using the Jewish Studio Process, The Mothers' Studio provides virtual and in-person workshops to support mothers in their spiritual and creative growth. The Mothers' Studio believes that all mothers have a right to their inherent creativity and can use that creativity to better explore the impact that motherhood has had on their lives and the impact that they can have on the culture of motherhood.

Shoshannah Pro-Richards, OR

"This workshop was wonderful! Ilana created a warm and welcoming environment where moms could meet and connect in a space that was truly for them."

Hannah Holstein, CO

"Ilana created a warm, inviting and comfortable space to discuss being a Jewish mother. Her naturally caring leadership held space for all emotions that entered the room and she focused our energy through different mediums of art and discussion, ultimately guiding us to synthesize our thoughts into tangible pieces. 10/10 would recommend!" 

Rabbi Myra Gurin, CA

"The first time we met, hearing and sharing with this group gave me the biggest feeling of exhale - my ridiculous but real problems were met with knowing and loving laughter and nods that made me feel instantly connected to this group of mothers.​"


Ilana Jaffe-Lewis


Ilana Jaffe-Lewis is a mother, mixed media artist, and Jewish Studio Project Facilitator. An Experiential Educator for ten years, Ilana has worked with all age groups and particularly enjoys working with those in the midst of transition and metamorphosis. Ilana loves to listen, observe, and create.   

Ilana lives in Los Angeles, California with her family. You can view example of Ilana's work, here




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